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Photoshop Contest!

Larry David, an actor who hasn't been relevant in my entire lifetime, has stirred up some controversy by going out of his way to offend a religion that believes in loving its enemies. In response, our good friends at POWIP have called for a Larry David Photoshop Contest, to which I submit this lovely entry, in which I imagine a world where Hollywood actually takes a brave stand for once.

Yeah, I know. It'll never happen. But if you have any other ideas for this dastardly photoshop contest, feel free to submit them down in our easy-peasy comments section!

Other Participants: Smitty's given us Burka your Enthusiasm, a fitting tribute to yet another Hollywood taboo. (Not that he'd ever link back to us or anything!)



#1 Cargosquid 29-Oct-2009

I don't know....why not get some of the photoshops of him offending the Prophet and email them to those that would be the most offended.



I mean Democrats of course!  I mean, Muslims are peaceful......they wouldn't care, would they?

#2 KeaponLaffin 29-Oct-2009

I never thought about it that way. But that cartoon is real Art.


Think about it. A huge percentage of the world's population has seen it, it caused massive civil unrest, extended national(in many nations) debates, international debates, many people were killed, many societies changed, and it will continue to do these things in a very public way(not just scholars and the like) for many years and perhaps decades to come.


Isn't that how Great Art is supposed to be defined? Something that changed the world.

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