The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Aside: We're #9!

I just noticed that Snapped Shot ranked in the top ten Virginian blogs this week—Woo hoo! Thanks to all of you for continuing to stop by and visit over here, and thanks to my excellent co-bloggers for keeping things lively around here!

It's worth noting that we rank right up there with excellent blogs like Yankee Phillip, SWAC Girl, Bearing Drift, Virginia Virtucon, and Virginia Right. What does it say about Virginia that we conservatives continue to dominate the web, anyway?

Speaking of which, y'all have been awfully quiet down in the comments section lately. Is it even working right? Assuming gremlins haven't gotten control of our system, please be sure to sound off so I can make sure y'all are still out there!



#1 Anonymous 28-Oct-2009

Test test test?

#2 ColdMetalFusion 28-Oct-2009

I'm here.

#3 Tom White 28-Oct-2009

Your blog is always lively and has an interesting and unique take on things political.

Please keep up the good work! The right side of the Blogosphere is far less lonely these days thanks to you and the many great writers we are seeing.

I read your posts almost every day. Sorry I had not added you to my blogroll until just now.





#4 SWAC Girl 29-Oct-2009

The Virginia conservative blogosphere is alive and well with great bloggers such as you. Keep up the good work! Together ... we WILL make a difference! ~Lynn Mitchell aka SWAC Girl

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