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Good News: Congress Finally Finds A Budget To Cut!

Bad News: It's In A Department That We Just Happen To Need Right Now.Not that the Pentagon's actually doing anything with all of that dastardly money or anything, right?

Speaking as a DOD contractor, I've seen my little part of the world constrict drastically since the inauguration. One of our favorite customers was the [name redacted for now], whom we've been doing some small database administration and maintenance for. You know, since they do evil, warmongering stuff like tracking and printing sheet music for whatever concerts they happen to be playing at the moment and all.

We're losing this customer effective immediately, even though they've constantly said that they're thrilled with all of the help we've given them. So if they're so happy, why are they going away?

Well, the current Administration has issued directives across the entire [redacted], informing the contracting officers far and wide that small projects should be brought in-house for maintenance. And even though this customer of ours does not have anyone in-house that can manage an Oracle database (especially after they managed to "accidentally" snap the virtual machine that said database was running on back to a point in time from months ago, immediately deleting tens of thousands of manually-entered sheet music), they are being forced to drop all of their contractors and bring it in house.

Just because of crap like this.

If I were just a touch more cynical, I'd almost think that Obama is purposefully weakening our military.

As it stands, I recognize the reality of Life In Washington for what it is. Political expediency is a terrible burden on anyone that tries to do business around here, and when the winds shift, they shift. We all pick up the pieces and move on to whatever comes next, and thusly, the Beltway Bandits spin merrily forth.



#1 Steve 29-Oct-2009

Great post!  I really like your blog!!


ps. Link Exchange?

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 30-Oct-2009

Thanks alot—I've added you to the ol' Reading List over in the sidebar. Look forward to reading your blog!


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