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The Media Green Footballs Alliance

Sure, Charles. That's exactly what the important word is there.

If you asked me three years ago if I ever expected to see Charles Johnson make such a big deal out of the fact that a murderous cretin was a member of the U.S. military, while ignoring the mountains of evidence that something else just might explain his actions—"Sudden Jihad Syndrome," anyone?—I'd probably laugh in your face.

Who's laughing now, me? Who's laughing now??

Update: Gateway outlines more evidence that "IT'S THE JIHAD, STUPID."

Update again: For the record, American Women Totally Pwn The Islamic Jihad (one jerk at a time). It really is ironic, ain't it?



#1 Kevin 06-Nov-2009
At least there is ONE person left at lgf who's not retarded:"13 abu boo boo Thu, Nov 5, 2009I think we need to start recognizing the threat posed by Majors."His comment is sadly rated at minus six, probably because he is thinking on his own without prior approval from CJ.
#2 forest 06-Nov-2009

Disgusting and a little confusing.  What is the significance of his rank.  Does it really matter if the guy shouting "Allah Akbar" while shooting 43 people is a private, a major or a general?  Or does CJ have some kind of beef with majors in general?

Charles really ought to go have his head scanned.

#3 captainfish 06-Nov-2009

OMG!!!!  He was a ... gulp... a MAJOR!?!?!?



I mean, if an actual MAJOR can do these things, then what hope do we have left.  He was obviosly a right-wing creationist birther racist.

#4 forest 07-Nov-2009

And I forgot to mention, my Dad was a Major!

So as a second generation Major-American, I'm deeply offended by Johnson's Majorphobia.

#5 captainfish 09-Nov-2009

I am majorily offended.

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