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The Awesomeness of the Awesome Change

As Dave in Texas, over at Ace, says, the FUNEMPLOYMENT index is now at 10.2%. And climbing. And as we all know by now, this Awesome number does not truly represent the funemployment index that everyone is experiencing right now. That index has to now be at the most awesomeness hopey-changey value of over 20%.

Via Ace, through Geoff at Michael's Comments comes the official graph of Awesome Fun:

Doesn't this all remind you of the IPCC graph showing where our temperatures SHOULD be with the growing deadly threat from CO2?? Yet, our temps have gone the OTHER direction (downward).

So, with ANOTHER loss of half-million jobs this past month, the administration is crowing about their success in saving this economy. Success in deed. I have shown many times before that the awesome place we are at right now is exactly where the administration wanted us to be.

Geoff also points us to his graph of Available Jobs. People are losing their jobs because those jobs are actually disappearing. And, it will take a massive turn around of this economy before employers feel comfortable recreating those positions.

And, with an environment that is actively hostile towards small business, capitalism, and towards anything that is American, I don't see these jobs coming back until after 2012. In fact, based on what I have been reading, this economy is going to get much worse over the next few years.

Oh, and did I mention that Iran might have tested a nuclear-capable bomb? There was a registered 5.0 earthquake. Could have even been a second test.

No worries though. Obama has given them his shout-out. Good thing we are all buddies now or this could get serious.

(yeah, I slobbed Dave's "awesome" meme. much thxs. Copyright infringement is the sincerest form of a compliment, right?)


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