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Deeds Does the Democrat Dosey-Do

Coming in this Monday, I see that Bob McDonnell and the rest of the Republican slate is way ahead in the polls. So much so that the Democratic party seems intent on skipping out completely on the Hampton Roads area—which is never a good sign for them.

Seeing this article, however, it becomes even more obvious why Deeds will almost certainly lose.

When asked to say something nice about Bob McDonnell, and given an opportunity to exercise some traditional Virginian politics (we really are the kindest State), Creigh immediately turns around and starts talking about himself again:

17. Can you name one good reason that someone should vote for your opponent?

CREIGH DEEDS: [Long pause]
"You know, I can name you a thousand good reasons why they should vote for me. I'm the best-prepared person to be the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. ... Bob is a guy that I've always gotten along with, but I get along with most people. I work hard to get along with people. I don't agree with Bob on a great deal."

Compare and contrast that to Bob McDonnell's statement, which you can read here, and you'll get a better picture of why Bob's the better man for the job.


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