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On Elections And Factors

Ace chimes in on the latest meme that Obama was "not a factor" in Virginia's election:

As a formal matter Jake Tapper is simply wrong; in Virginia, for example, 39% of voters said Obama was a factor in their vote. About half of that 39% voted to support him and about half voted to oppose him. This may be a wash, but it is incorrect to say Obama was not "a factor."

Strangely enough, Ace & Co. have also pointed out that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' contention that NY-23 is a "stunning" defeat for a district that hasn't sent a Democrat to office since the Civil War is a complete fabrication—One based entirely on this DailyKos lie.

How's that strike you for "honest governance?" Or even about old-line media fact-checking?

Because it sure seems to me like there's an awful lot of political hackery that's making it past the "non-political" editorial staff these days. Wonder why that is?

Update: Also falling for the "since the Civil War" canard? Former Clinton White House Press Secretary George "Smarter Than You" Stephanopolous.

Yet more fact-checking that Our Media Superiors can't be bothered to do.


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