The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

He Thinks He's Turning Japanese

Nope, not talking about me, even though you'd probably think otherwise given my somewhat ... "unusual" musical proclivities.

No, I'm speaking about our Committee-Chair in Chief, whom we elected because he had "world experience" that was "far and above" anyone else that has ever been President in our nation's long history.

You see, he's on a trip to Asia this week, doing Lord knows what. And you know, while some people who are actually somewhat experienced in world affairs might have some actual knowledge of the culture they're visiting before embarking on such a mission, our World Leader To End All World Leaders doesn't really seem like he can be bothered.

Like with Japanese culture, for instance. Protip, Mr. President: The person who bows more deeply in Japanese culture is generally considered to be the inferior of the person he's bowing to. So, even though you're trying to act smarter than the rest of the world, doing stuff like this does nothing but make you look like a moron.

Which, of course, we already know you are.

Thanks again to all of my Zombie-minded American friends for electing a sixth grader to the White House.


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