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Editorial cartoon from a MSM newspaper

Here is an editorial cartoon from a national newspaper.  Can you guess what year it was published?

Now, you are going to have to guess before you click below the fold for the answer.




This editorial cartoon supposedly appeared in the Chicago Tribune paper in...



How times have NOT changed. 

In fact, times are not that much different than they were even 300 years ago.  Liberals were doing their best to implement their anti-freedom agendas even back then let alone during the height of LiberalismSocialismCommunism of the 30's and 40's.

Where did Socialism start?  According to this site, it was conceived by the Frenchman Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) whose manifest "Social Contract" (1762) focused on the "general will" of the people over individual liberties.

His belief system was the formula for Karl Marx and the European socialist governments.  Rousseauian was the basis of Socialism which was the basis for Communism.  And then Communism led to Marxism.  And these led to the curent Environmental Movement.

In the name of the wholeness of man, Rousseau argues that individualism is harmful because individuals focus on self-interest, individual rights, and property. Rousseau sees "man as a malleable creature…who lives in simple equality with his fellow man" to be molded by an enlightened government.  While the U.S. Constitution is established on Locke's principle that all men have equal opportunity to succeed or fail in attaining prosperity, the Rousseau socialist model demands that all men equally share the existing prosperity.

Remember, this was written back in 1762.  How much has not changed.  The current administration of the USSA are currently enacting socialist policies that are founded upon these very notions.  The nationalized socialistic ObamaCare bill that was recently passed by the House seeks to take from the rich the ability to buy health care and gives it to the poor, the illegal or the unwilling.

It is the enlightened state which determines the general will, or common good, of the people. Rousseau likewise places strict social control on private property to prevent the inequalities that he believes will lead to social division and private interest. In the Social Contract, Rousseau acknowledges the great force of the state by admitting that raw force can be used to bring consent to the general will; "That whoever refuses to obey the general will shall be constrained to do so by the entire body.... In this lies the key to the working of the political machine; this alone legitimizes civil undertakings."  In doing so, Rousseau states the individual will "be forced to be free" from his own selfishness.

Are things any different today?  For the greater good, the "Democrats" of this administration will throw people in jail if they refuse to purchase health insurance for themselves.  It's the greater good.  It's for your own good.  You, as an individual do not know what is best.  You as an individual makes errant and illegal decisions that are not good for the Greater Good of all.

French economist, statesman and author Frédéric Bastiat (1801 -1850) calls the Rousseauian ideal legalized plunder. In order to attain the socialist "general will" of Rousseau, the government must take from those who legally own something and give it to those who don't own it. "The law," claims Bastiat, "has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish, without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense [of life, liberty, and property] into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense...."  Sometimes the "law places the whole apparatus of judges, police, prisons, and gendarmes at the service of the plunderers, and treats the victim – when he defends himself – as a criminal."

Once again, our current Socialists in the current administration are going heads over tail trying to enact such policies that seek to eliminate free choice, punish the free expression of thought, and eliminate all symbolance of individualism.

And then, things only get worse from here.  If this lunacy and constitutional-heresy is not stopped now, history has shown what comes next:

Rousseauian governance can devolve into communism and dictatorship where the people are but mere cogs in the ruling elite's self-created governmental machine. At any level Rousseau socialism stifles creativity and invention by destroying economic freedom and by skewing the economic system to make it benefit the regulators, not the people.  It always inhibits the creative ideas or technology that can solve the problems of modern society and environmental complexities. Because there is little to no accountability of the elite and their cadre of regulators to the people, corruption is inevitable which further stifles economic prosperity.

Nonetheless, the people are plundered and the government is used to take from some to give to others in order to achieve "equality."

Thus, the TARP and Stimulus funding bills were never meant to help the common person.  They were designed from the start to prop up and support the rulers and elite.  And, have we not heard rumors of massive corruption, lies regarding its effectiveness, and the prevention of anyone seeking accountability.

Bastiat explains this degeneration further: "Under the pretense of organization, regulation, protection, or encouragement, the law takes property from one person and gives it to another; the law takes the wealth of all and gives it to a few – whether farmers, manufacturers, shipowners, artists, [or the poor]. Under these circumstances, then certainly every class will aspire to grasp the law, and logically so."  As various factions grasp powerful political positions to plunder for themselves, the law becomes vicious and destructive.  

Hence, in the United States, many believe it makes little difference whether the Republicans or Democrats are in power:  Both parties propose laws that plunder particular constituencies without a second thought. They just do it differently.

Thus the reason why our Constitution was founded upon INDIVIDUAL liberty and a small representative government.  This allowed the people a say in who governed them and gave them easy means for redress.  However, those who make and judge laws can change things over time to protect their power.

We see the pentultimate outcome of all this Rousseauian governance in the form of the environmental movement and their attempts to make international law. ...  for the greater good.

Once the difference between the Lockean and Rousseauian models of governance is understood, it is clear that U.S. environmental law and all international environmental treaties follow the Rousseau model. As a consequence, the very foundation of freedom in America, and the world, is being undermined. The Rousseauian socialist model of governance creates a class system of supposedly "enlightened" intellectuals, or the privileged, who decide the "general will" – then dictate by regulatory force what people can or cannot do.

Laws, rules and regulations passed and promulgated under the statist, or "big government" philosophy, are often arbitrary and capricious, favoring some while harming others. They are not designed to solve a problem in the most cost effective manner, while protecting the rights of the citizens. Instead they are designed to make enforcement benefit the ease and efficiency of the elite and enforcers. It can also be easily corrupted to directly benefit the elite or enforcers. The one-size-fits- all approach and the politicization of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in administering environmental law is a glaring example of this, and has placed costly regulatory restrictions on some, while under-regulating others.

The author continues:

Environmental laws have created regulatory "takings" of private property by denying use of the land to property owners, and as a consequence, stripped hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of dollars of property from American citizens, destroying families in the process. The value in land can represent a family's entire life savings, which is taken by the stroke of a pen, and without one dime of compensation.

We must return to the Locke model of governance. Government must be accountable to the people they serve and power truly divided among the different branches of government as well as different levels of government. The judicial and executive branches cannot make or change law passed by the legislative branch according to whim, public opinion or personal beliefs. Nor can the higher levels of government usurp powers delegated to the local units of government. Finally, the weight of evidence of environmental damage or violation is upon the government, not the individual citizen. The government must demonstrate hard, evidentiary science that damage is being done, not theory or pseudoscience.

Thus, the environmentalists and their laws are based on the original ideas that Rousseau created back in 1762.  His ideas led to Marxism, Communism, modern Socialism and the Environmental Movement. 

If we don't return to our foundational form of governance soon, mass chaos and rebellion is the only outcome.



#1 Clay Barham 16-Nov-2009



A majority of Americans agreed with President Obama in 2008, that the interests of the community are more important than are the interests of the individual.  As a result, a new union organizing movement has begun, creating the Community Voters Union (CVU).

Using the popular Card Check Program, community organizers forming the CVU will bring voters into a union, simplifying their community life.  When 1% of people in a region sign the CVU card checks given them at shopping malls, places of employment as well as door-to-door, the CVU will officially form.  They will be responsible for voting the interests of the community.  Voters need never go to the polls again.  Union leaders voting the community’s interests block big-money right wing attempts to sway voters.  Dues from each voter will pay the costs of this welcomed voter service.  The Community Union Councils gather periodically to decide who will hold elected offices as well as new legislation and enforcement procedures. The voters in community will never again have to worry about making those choices. The President encourages voters to take advantage of the CVU so the voting process is more orderly and predictable.  Because of his enormous popularity, people are rushing to obtain voting cards to sign up.  CVU will usher into American Politics a glorious new day of certainty and peace in voting. Right-wing extremist critics claim the first card checks will have only names from the graveyards to establish CVU supremacy.  They claim CVU is patterned after the USSR soviets, regional community voting blocs that transmit community interests to one central presidium or parliament. They are partially correct, in that the American Congress will be changed to a parliament and the Constitution set aside as a historical document only.  However, only community interests are important, which assigns to the CVU the control over what was once called “private property” and bank accounts in each of the regions they control. This will assure Americans that the wealth will be spread around, as the President was so well credited in his campaign.  There will no longer be term limits assigned to the office of President, only that he receives a periodic vote of confidence from the CVU.  Succession falls to the choice of the President when the need arises.  This, most Americans agree, is how an orderly government works.  For thousands of years, orderly government rested with a sovereign, a chief of state, where family members were trained to take the reins when the need arose, so we can look to having one of Obama’s daughters rise to that leadership position.  (Is this really an absurdity?

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