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President Suck-Up

I know Brian posted about this earlier.  He even linked to the photo that showed President "Obamassiah" Obama bowing down in front of the Japanese Emporer Akihito.  Emporer Akihito is the son of the former Emporer that surrendered to the Allied forces at the end of the Pacific Campaign of WW2. 

But, I wanted to mention a few things about this sorry episode.

First, please take a read of this Los Angeles Times blog post by Andew Malcolm excoriating the president for his lack of class, grace, culture and couth (yeah, right, I know.  Suprised?  Me too!).

The blog post even shows the proper way to greet the Japanese Emporer by highlighting how Vice-President Cheney greeted him a few years ago.  HotAirPundit also has composed some photos of other world leaders meeting with the Emporer.......... and not bowing.

Andrew even recalls how the MSM lambasted Pres Clinton when Clinton just appeared to give the Emporer a bow.

I would like to say that this is something that I expected.  It is not surprising to me.  Didn't "The One" tell us that he would do whatever it took to make the world love us?  Even if that means doing something that no other American President has done in the history of the USSA.  He is willingly and determinedly making the USSA subordinate to all other nations.

Remember, he is of the ilk that believes that our singlularity as a global superpower is unfair and unjust.  It is that position that they reason the rest of the world hates us.  They have long hyped that if we only subordinated and suppined ourselves to the heathens of the world, we would have a world of peace.

Hey Libs?  How's that plan working out for you so far?  Ft. Hood ring any bells?  Taliban and Al-Queda ring any bells?  Iran?  N. Korea?  Russia?  Hamas?  Hezballah?

This president knows what he is doing.  He knows how this makes him look and he knows the reasons for his actions.  He wants to appear this way.  He wants to give the world the "bent over" look as a symbol of the American change.

I am not surprised by this nor is the rest of the world.  They have been working for this moment since the fall of USSR. 

Isn't the President currently seeking to destroy all of our nukes with a deal with USSR?  Hasn't the Present-dent sought to downplay the dangers of Iran?   Hasn't President "I don't know" sought to make peace deals with our current enemy in the War on Terror? 

Hasn't this President sought to destroy this nation's values and economy?  Hasn't he promised to destroy our energy supplies?

Therefore, I am not suprised when he plays President Suck-Up to the minor leaders of the world.

[Update:]  Cranky may have the real reason behind the bow.

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