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Let The Misery Continue

The Socialistic Nationalization of Amerika to the USSA continues.  It began with the subsidization of private industry over the years.  It vastly expanded with the recent take-overs of the financial and auto industries.

But, the social agenda of nationalizing America is not over.

Via Fox News:

In the wake of last summer's deadly Metro crash in Washington, D.C., the Obama administration reportedly plans to propose that subway and light-rail systems across the country fall under federal oversight.

The pitch comes as the administration moves to increase regulation over the financial, auto, health care and industrial sectors.

While I could have foreseen this nationalizatin of the subways and light-rail coming - as they have been fully subsidizing their existence for years - their reasons for doing so are very suspect.

And as we all knew, these people aren't done yet with destroying any private ownership.  Anything that this administration (and liberal voters) can do to eliminate the free-market economic system, they will do.

While this has really never been done or attempted before in Amerika, mainly because of laws and the former US Constitution, precedent and legality has little to do with what will stop this administration.

The shift is an attempt to reverse a long-standing prohibition against federal regulation on subways -- the prohibition dates back to a time when only a handful of cities had subway systems.

Why let laws and precedent stop what must be done when it comes to destroying Amerika and cementing power in the hands of a few.

Get ready people.  I foresee a tax on private ownership. 

Why am I so gloom and doom?  Ask yourself this.  Why hasn't anyone... ANYONE... in the People's Hall of Kongress mentioned the unconstitutionality of what this administration is doing?  Not even the so-called Republicans or the Conservatives have stood up to say, "This is WRONG and we will take you to court if you continue to nationalize this nation."

All I have heard and seen are how the Repubs can make Obama's bills not as harmful.  They think they can add amendments to these bills to make them less destructve.

Yeah.  That is like taking the blasting cap out of a huge pile of C4 and replacing it with a small firecracker.

The RESULT is the same.

Nothing will change unless and until the common man rises up in revolt and replaces these ruling elite with common decent folk who seek to LIMIT and REDUCE the federal government.

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#1 Citizen Tom 15-Nov-2009

Keep on mentioning the Constitution.  Too many people have forgotten there is such a thing.  Our ruling elites don't even seem to care. 

When is the Republican leadership going to wise up?  If this does become Amerika, who is going to get purged first?  And purges there will be.  When people without scruples take charge, won't they will eventually act like people without scruples?

#2 captainfish 20-Nov-2009

Hello CitizenTom and thanks for commenting.

I agree.  The Constitution is barely even taught in schools any more.  On purpose it is now clear.  And, that plan has shown its fruits with this generation.

When representatives laugh at questions of constitutionality of their actions... and no one blinks an eye... you know your country is screwed.

Unless a purge happens.

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