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Wanting to Protect Awesomely-Kewl Illegals With Illegal Health Care Taxation

The White European Caucasion Party... err... I mean the Democrat Congressional Hispanic Caucus has threatened the White House with voting AGAINST the ObamaCare bill if that bill REFUSES to give those awesomely-kewl illegal border runners free health care coverage. 

I mean, more free than what they get now with the free care at our bankrupt hospital's emergency rooms.

These White European Racists ... dang it..... I mean the Hispanic Caucus members people are actually advocating that an unconsitutional and illegal ObamaCare bill be used to give FREE federal services to illegal non-citizen border runners.

Can you get any more blatant than that? 

But CHC members, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the group’s message was clear: Drop your insistence on preventing illegal immigrants from accessing the public exchange, even if their only option is to pay for insurance plans entirely out of their own pockets.

And CHC members have said publicly that they would have a very difficult time voting for any healthcare bill that contained such a provision.

“I am concerned about the manner in which the exchange has been characterized, and I understand the politics of it,” said CHC Vice Chairman Rep. Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas), “but it is very bad policy.”

If those wiley white racist rednecks ... crap, there I go again..... If those Hispanic Caucus people can push such an awesome threat against our awesome president, then who are they really fighting for?  Are they pushing for constitutional authority?  Are they advocating for the protection of American rights and freedoms?  Are they seeking to limit the reach and invasiveness (awesome word) of the government? 

Or are they actively pushing for the protection of people who are felons to break in to our country's house?

The CHC has 27 members.

That is a significant number of people actively fighting FOR people who should not be here in the first place.

As a reference:  The Black Caucus "The Conscience of the Congress" has 43 racist members.  The Socialist Caucus has 83 members.  There are a total of 435 members of the House I believe. 

But, then should I mention the Horse Caucus?  The Kidney Caucus?  The Bourbon Caucus?  Organic Causus?  The Ski and Snowboard Caucus?  How about the Afterschool Caucus?

Aren't those just an awesome way for our servants to be spending their time?  No wonder they don't have time to create a bill to protect our illegal border runners from the sniffles.

But, for some reason.  No where on that list do I see the White Man's Caucus?  Or the Southern Caucasion Caucus?  I didn't even find the Southern Redneck Hick Caucus.



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