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The End of America As We Know It

Our nation has passed a major milestone towards the fall of the American dream.

In a victory for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed landmark health care legislation Saturday night to expand coverage to tens of millions who lack it and place tough new restrictions on the insurance industry. Republican opposition was nearly unanimous.

The 220-215 vote cleared the way for the Senate to begin a long-delayed debate on the issue that has come to overshadow all others in Congress.

But what is even worse...

In the run-up to a final vote, conservatives from the two political parties joined forces to impose tough new restrictions on abortion coverage in insurance policies to be sold to many individuals and small groups. They prevailed on a roll call of 240-194.

Ironically, that only solidified support for the legislation,
clearing the way for conservative Democrats to vote for it.

Ok.  These people are NOT Conservatives.  You can't make a horrible illegal bill better by trying to fix one small aspect of it.  It is still a horrible illegal bill.  The "conservatives" should have steered clear of this travesty by a thousand miles.  Why sweeten an illegal bill?  Allow it to rise and die on its own. 

Now, their fingerprints are all over it. This allowed the pro-life people to vote for this bill.

Once again, we see proof that party names mean nothing.

The bill drew the votes of 219 Democrats and Rep. Joseph Cao, a first-term Republican who holds an overwhelmingly Democratic seat in New Orleans. Opposed were 176 Republicans and 39 Democrats.

Republicans are making me sick.  This nation's Socialists make me sick. 

It might be time to move to Conservative Canada. 

This nation is screwed.

To pay for the expansion of coverage, the bill cuts Medicare's projected spending by more than $400 billion over a decade. It also imposes a tax surcharge of 5.4 percent on income over $500,000 in the case of individuals and $1 million for families.

So, we add 300 million people to the roles of Medicare, but then cut its spending my $40 billion each year. (One thing I have never understood, how can you cut FUTURE spending 10 years out???)   And then on top of that, we add a 2.5% to 5.4% to HIGHER extra tax on top of the mandatory purchase and fine for this illegal unconstitutional ObamaCare.

Welkome to the new Socialist USSA, komrade!

[Update:  See Ace also]

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