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Indecision is Not To Be Confused with Leadership

William Teach (who needs your support, stat!) has an interesting story about our Commander in Chief, who is having something of a problem coming to a decision over Afghanistan.

A decision which has been pending since August, I might add.

It's good to get a good laugh at the levels of indecision over warmaking that we've all been expecting from The Candidate Most Likely To Be Voted "The Perfect Liberal," but there are troops in harm's way right this very moment—over there and here at home, no less.

So all I can do is sit back and hope that Mr. Perfect Liberal will make up his ever-nuanced mind sometime before the next election.



#1 William Teach 10-Nov-2009

Thanks, Brian! Serindipidously, I had actually just loaded snapped shot up when the TB came through!

My prediction is that he will decide on December 31st, so that the news, which ever way it goes, will be buried.

#2 captainfish 10-Nov-2009

I don't know what you are talking about.  What indecision?

He promises to send 40,000 troops over there ... soon.  Or, was that 30,000 troops may be sent later?


Ok. I take it back.

#3 William Teach 12-Nov-2009

BTW, y'all were nominated for best blog design. I'm clicking for ya! There's only 1 other that even looks good, Pawcurious. The rest are rather lame. Y'all should win easy!

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