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New Feature Tuesday: Unsorted News in the Fast Lane!

There are plenty of times during the day when I run across an interesting article on Google Reader, but fail to find time to write about it. Times when I'm out and about. Or when I'm sitting in traffic—not that I ever surf the web in traffic. Maybe even when I'm walking around in the grocery store.

For times like these, I give you "The Fast Lane"—A quick way for me to share those interesting stories with You, The Valued Reader!

These stories live in the Sidebar, where you can click on the "Unsorted News" header to find the stories that I think you'll want to read. Some of them might amuse you, other stories might enrage you, but all in all, I think it leads to a more up-to-the-minute feeling experience here at Snapped Shot.

Of course, if you find a story that we should be covering that's not getting any attention, you can still click on the "Contact" link at the top of the page, from which you can get in touch with us to make sure we're on top of things.

But even if you don't see any new stories on the frontpage when you come here next, we probably still have fun stuff for you to see.

We're just that awesome; That's why.

P.S.—Here's a little reward for those of you who caught that there was more to this story and clicked to see more:—Our unsorted news stories are also available via a very special RSS feed! This way, you can see the stories that we think matter the most right there in your handy-dandy newsreader!

Pretty exciting stuff, ain't it?



#1 Steven C. 10-Nov-2009

If you'd like to fix the &#; stuff in your 'unsorted news' sidebar, maybe this script (not written by me) may be of help:

I'm assuming you write your own PHP for your site otherwise you'll have no idea what I'm talking about here.  Save a copy of that file as html_entity_decode_full.php and then use it something like this:


You may be currently doing something along these lines:


// for each headline:

echo htmlspecialchars($headline);



Try this instead:


require_once 'html_entity_decode_full.php';


// for each headline:

echo htmlspecialchars(html_entity_decode_full($headline, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8'));



Hope that helps, and makes sense...

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 10-Nov-2009

Thanks for the tip, Steven!

I wish it were something that simple, but unfortunately this seems to be related to the way Drupal handles its aggregator items. (I'm sure they have a valid reason for doing whatever it is that it's doing, but it's really annoying nonetheless.)

I'll keep poking around in the aggregator module code and see if I can find a place to put that function call, of course... I'm scalable like that!


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