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Using Doom & Gloom To Hype ObamaCare

Once again, the cr(AP) and MSM shows us just how biased they really are.  Never let a disaster go to waste.  Isn't that the current administration's motto?

Well, thanks to the Obama Stimulus Plan what was to save the planet, put a turkey in every pot, fill your car's gas tank, and pay off your mortgage while creating 3.5 million jobs has given the administration their catastrophe they needed.

With unemployment over 20% and massive taxation of the populace, something had to give.  And now, the state's are whining about a lack of money.

In Arizona, the budget has grown so gloomy that lawmakers are considering mortgaging Capitol buildings. In Michigan, state officials dealing with the nation's highest unemployment rate are slashing spending on schools and health care.
The report by the Pew Center on the States found that Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wisconsin are also at grave risk. Double-digit budget gaps, rising unemployment, high foreclosure rates and built-in budget constraints are the key reasons.

Oh, you say, that is just 10 states.  The stimulus fund did help the other states and these states don't really affect the USSA that much.

The 10 states account for more than one-third of the nation's population and economic output, according to the report.

One third of our nation's serfs are facing state budgets that are in free-fall.  If people don't have jobs, and are being taxed left and right to boot.....  you can't sqeeze wine from a raisin!

But lest you forget that catastrophes are to be taken advantage of, let's see what these Obama mouth-pieces have to say about the suffering, struggling and misery of this nation's peoples.

Historically, states have their worst tax revenue year soon after a national recession ends. At the same time, higher joblessness and underemployment mean more people need government-sponsored health care and social safety-net programs, further taxing state services.

See, with the government increasing taxes, embellishing government waste and corruption, eliminating capitalism and free-market economies, destroying jobs left and right, it means a perfect time to enact "government-sponsored health care" and "social safety-net programs".

What is sad is that people recognize that the government is destroying America, but they continue to run to that same government to suckle off of.

What is it going to take?  30% unemployment?  Gallon of milk for $6?  Gallon of gas for $8? Taxes increased 300%-500%?

You keep giving government your power and these will be a reality very soon. 

Wake up people!!

On this day that we celebrate and honor our Armed Forces, living and dead, historic and current, this government that some so adore is selling them down the river by not providing them the care and supplies that they so desperately need.

These soldiers made a voluntary committment to their nation, to the people, and to the idea of protecting freedom.  The Obama administration is spitting on that committment. 

It is time to honor that committment to the hard-fought freedom that our soldiers fought and died for by fighting to preserving what little freedoms remain to us.

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