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McCain on Self-Promotion

Robert Stacy McCain ponders the innate nature of the blogosphere:

If you have your own TV or radio show, if you have a new book or a political campaign, you automatically enlist the support of professional P.R. people whose job is to get you publicity. But if you're just a blogger, a writer, a consultant -- an individual without your own built-in publicity apparatus -- it's up to you to make yourself known to the world.

Self-promotion is entirely legitimate. If you do good work, if you've got ideas or services that can be helpful to others, then self-promotion -- i.e., do-it-yourself publicity -- is actually beneficial to others because, without it, people would be unaware of your good work.

Of course, I think that you should probably take Stacy's advice here with a grain of salt. After all, no matter how much I've promoted our work here at Snapped Shot to him, he still continues to flagrantly ignore us.

Wait a minute, does that mean...

The Other McCain hates me?

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#1 Yiddish Steel 12-Nov-2009

It also helps if you're a really "Scientific" Blogger, too.

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