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AP: Dithering And Indecisiveness Can Be A Good Thing

Seriously?  Indecisiveness is a good thing?  No.  Wait.  He really does know what to do?  This is all on purpose?  Is the cr(AP) really trying to pas off Obama's ineptness as a deep thought out plan?

President Barack Obama's drawn-out decision-making on Afghanistan is sending messages. To the Afghan government: Clean up your act. To the Pentagon: I'm no rubber stamp. To the American public: More troops can't be the sole answer.
This time, he's making it clear he won't be rushed. Or pushed. And the way the messages he's sending play out could help determine whether the war effort is sustainable in the long run.

Seriously?  I'm dumbfounded!  They cr(AP) people don't really believe the crap they spew do they?  Cause, we sure don't.  I mean, that's quite a load and this nation's shovel isn't big enough to move that much bull-hockey.

When you are just pulling excuses out of a hat to help prop up an inept and know-nothing president, your career as an investigative news organization is over.

But, what these dupes in the MSM really fail, or actually refuse, to recognize is that his "planned" hesistancy is causing the needless deaths of our young men and women in a growing hostile battlefield. 


And this president has no clue.  But, its a good thing.


A cookie for you:

"It's important to fully examine not just how we're going to get folks in but how we're going to get folks out," Gibbs said.

Ummmm... probably the same way you got them in you idiots!!!

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