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War Is Just An Tit-For-Tat Exercise In Futility

Whenever in the history of human warfare has war been a tit-for-tat exercise?  If your enemy takes a timeout to rearm or move personnel, were you expected to do the same and halt all attacks?

Did we expect Germany during WW2 to halt all of their attacks while we gathered and planned for the Normandy invasion?  Did the media harangue the Nazis for each and every attack as being unfair?

However, Isreal is held to a different standard.

Israeli aircraft attacked two suspected weapons-making factories and a smuggling tunnel in the Gaza Strip early Sunday in what the military said was retaliation for Palestinian rocket fire into southern Israel.

The airstrikes, which wounded at least seven people — including one seriously — came despite an announcement by Gaza's Hamas rulers that the territory's military factions had all agreed to stop firing rockets.

Seriously?  So, the media is, again, shilling for the Islamic barbarians.  And their belief that should they need time to rearm, they are allowed to make deals with their enemies.  And the media dutifully obliges by trying to shame and attack Israel for not playing along.

Regretfully, they don't hold Israel's enemies to the same standard when Israel does pull back and ceases their attacks.  In fact, the media completely ignores the attacks upon Israel by their enemies.

And less we forget, Hamas is a terrorist organization made up of terrorists and thugs hell-bent on Israel destruction.  Complete and utter.  They don't want peace or to live side-by-side with Israel.  They want them dead.

And it would seem that the media is aiding and abetting them willfully.

No where in this article do they quote an official within Israel until the very end and it isn't even on the original topic.  The article diverges to the kidnapping (and probably murder) of Galid Shalit and they have a minor quote from some Israeli army chief.

Also, how often, if ever, have you heard of the Iranian arms shipment to Hezballah captured by Israel?

I'm just saying.


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