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Is Civil Unrest Inevitable?

I believe, while the time may not yet be ripe for a civil unrest, I also believe that the times they are a changing.  And that ain't good. 

When people feel that their nation is being destroyed from within, or that the truth and right is being disgarded in favor of the consolidation of power, then real change MUST happen.

Ace has a piece on his blog about how the new senate version of the ObamaCare has removed the PelosiJails requirement.  Sen Harry Reid felt that putting people in unhealthy jails for failing to have health care is a bit too extreme (irony?).

Someone must have felt some scorching heat in the Senate to have stripped out the PelosiPrisons™ and substituted this much watered down penalty language.

PUBLIC PRESSURE APPARENTLY CAN GET ASPECTS OF THIS S--T SANDWICH CHANGED. We should be encouraged by that even though the vote tonight didn't go our way. THEY ARE STARTING TO BEND.

It would now seem that while the jail threat has been removed and the excessive fines for not paying for someone else's health care has been reduced, they will still give the IRS the power to confiscate your monies should you choose to exercise free will.

But, don't get all excited.... Remember, this is just the senate version of the latest rendition of the Mandatory Free ObamaCare Bill.  They still have to hash this version out with the house version behind closed doors.  The jail time could be re-introduced.  Many of the USSA's People's Congress are in favor of jailing free-thinkers.

And while many on the right side of the (down, bleeding but still-twitching) Constitution are banking on the fact that these elite rulers won't endanger their seats of power and vote NO on the final bill in the senate, I say why take that chance?  How often have you heard that the Socialists are willing to "do the right thing even if it is unpopular."? 

How often have you pushed your own representatives (when we had real representatives) to do the right thing even if it costs them their seat?  "Stand up and do what is right and don't coddle the Leftists!" 

So, I am of the belief that these elite Socialists, hell bent on destroying this nation ("since 1892! Give the gift that you know can't fail....."), and more dedicated to their cause than so-called Republicans, will enact any and all legislation that The One wants.  Because he is in fact their Socialist Leader.  He exudes the true meaning and goal for the elimination of individual liberty and freedom.

A Traditional Life Lived(.com) thinks it might be time to use the Lefts own mechanisms against them.

When the people realize they will pay on this bill 6 years before any real benefit is received, more will become engaged. The more population is engaged, the more difficult it is for our leaders to ignore us. I hate the thought of this thing turning into something unruly and ugly, but if they're not going to listen to us now..........when will they?

While I agree with the emotion of this, the reality will be much less.  People can't vote if they are in jail.  And what politician listens to people in jail? 

If these people care not for violating the former USA Constitution by enacting illegal and unconstitutional bills through bribery and blackmail, then what hope do the little people have at getting their will enacted?

And you know that the media will show us disobedient types as deviants and only a small, minor, illegitimate portion of the southern, bigotted, racist, uneducated population.  Half of the power the Socialist Left have gained over the last decade or two has been through the power of the media.

I am fearful that it might take a bit more than just a "civil" disobedience on the people's part.

What do you all think?  Let's hear from you.  You guys have been awfully silent over the last few months.  Are you getting as depressed as Brian is?  Or are you going underground?

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