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The Only Graph That Matters

Our good friend Stoaty the Weasel has come up with the only graph that you will ever need to debate global warming hysteria:

Yep, we've definitely crossed that particular line a while ago, haven't we?

Update: Ace's invective surrounding this story is utterly on target. The same arrogant jerks who dismiss any discussion surrounding the pros and cons of the theory of evolution in our school system demand that our kids know the "lurking danger" of global warming... despite the fact that there is no scientifically-reproducible evidence that global warming is even real.

I, for one, am sick of it—But enough about me. Ace says it best:

JackStraw sent me a link the other day, and I replied, pretty much, like so: "To be honest, I don't really understand that article, but what I find jaw-dropping is that critics continue to have to beg for these guys' data, for their models, for their assumptions. JESUS LORD GOD ALL MIGHTY WHAT THE HELL KIND OF "SCIENCE" KEEPS ITS DATA, METHODOLOGY, AND ASSUMPTIONS "SECRET"?

The answer, of course, is junk science—which is what this is.



#1 Chris 24-Nov-2009

Haha, great graph!

#2 Kevin 25-Nov-2009

I laugh a lot, but it's not too often that I laugh so hard that I cry.



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