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Case Of Misguided Energies?

It would seem to me, that if I was near to losing my home due to forclosure, I would not be protesting in Washington D.C.  Instead, I would probably be spending the day working in order to make money to actually pay my mortgage.  I might even get another job so that I can assure that I have enough money to pay the mortgage that I promised to pay.

Josephine Diaz (front) of Chicago and Christopher Gales (rear) of Washington chant as advocates of homeowners and people facing foreclosure on their homes protest outside the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, November 18, 2009.  REUTERS/Jim Bourg (UNITED STATES POLITICS BUSINESS)

But yet, there seems to be a growing sentiment in this nation that once you have access to a thing, that you are now entitled to have that thing forever.  Home ownership seems to be the latest "right" on the move.  Other liberal "rights" include food, health insurance, internet, air free of cigarette smoke, government handouts, employers submissive to employee demands, etc, etc.

Hey, people!!!  As long as you are paying the bank or financial institution a morttgage each month for that home you live in that bank or financial institution OWNS your home.  Not you.

Maybe you should have signed a better mortgage deal instead of spending the day protesting?



#1 Rooster 18-Nov-2009

I'm glad you were the one to deliver this message.  Because had it been anybody else, nobody would have listened.  Oh wait... nevermind.  Nobody did.

#2 captainfish 18-Nov-2009

You did.


Does that mean you are nobody?  Or are you just wrong?

#3 Anonymous 19-Nov-2009

I bought a piece of land. Built a home with a chainsaw mill and few dollars. Less than 10 grand tottal, Everything is paid for. My only bills are electic , and phone.

 Oh wait....i have another bill from the bourough for yearly taxes. 

  Dang, i thought I had tottal access.......



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