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Fences Make Good Neighbors

Walls make better ones!

Two observations about this photo montage, which I just spotted over at Daylife:

#1: Will our purported Commander-in-Chief ever actually find the time between sightseeing to actually make the hard decisions it takes to, well, "Command" the military he supposedly runs?

And #2: It's nice to see that the impartial press has deemed this an event of sufficiently historic occasion to warrant photographing every single second of it. Apparently, we need to make sure the World knows the historic significance of ...

Wait, what is the significance here, exactly?

The Great Wall of China isn't historically connected to America. We've never had Mongols in our midst, that I'm aware of. And I'm not entirely sure that Barack Obama is the first Son of Africa...-America that has ever visited the Great Wall, either.

So why exactly do we need wall-to-wall coverage again?

Exit question: Will the New York Times be as disappointed with the short duration of Obama's visit to the Great Wall as they were with their favorite Texan?

[ Daylife link ]

Update: I guess I'm not really surprised by this in the least. Aww gee, poor Unicorn Rider didn't get the open-armed welcome He was expecting!



#1 Rooster 18-Nov-2009

That was "shit for brains" boring.  Try again.

#2 William Teach 18-Nov-2009

Hey, look, a troll!


#1. No.


#2. I wonder how many people had plans to visit the Great Wall that day after spending, what, 10's of thousands to go to china, and couldn't, because Barry had to be Mr. Contemplative Tourist?

#3 captainfish 18-Nov-2009

Great take on that Teach.  Wonder what his carbon footprint is for his 71 car entourage going from here to there to there.  All for photo-ops.

Isn't it strange how he had time to visit th great dividing wall of hisotry, but not to the sites he really wanted to visit the most in Japan?

Granted, had he gone to Hiroshima in Japan, he would have really made an ass out of himself.  Even more than he did with the Emporer.  He probably would have said something to the effect that we apologize, or we were evil, or we bombed innocent people for no reason, or it was a war with no purpose and for no reason.


#4 captainfish 18-Nov-2009

I like this quote..

...coming off, instead, more like a tourist with a steep hill to climb

except.. we are going DOWN HILL.

and fast.

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