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Well, the conservative budget-hawk Senate Leader has come out with his version of the Health Care plan.  And wouldn't you know it, the minority party is all up in arms against it.

Ok, I know it didn't happen that way, but you know that it would.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has miraculously come up with the plan to save America.  And, it won't cost us a single penny..... after the first 9 years. 

Miracles of Miracles!

Let's see what the people of the State's House have to say about their saving of the USSA.

And, we start off with exuberant glee.  Enough glee to create their own tv show.

Senate Democrats on Wednesday gleefully unveiled their version of President Obama's sweeping health care overhaul plan that congressional budget analysts estimate would cost $849 billion over 10 years


I wonder how a package that costs nearly 1 TRILLION dollars is going to be deficity neutral after 9 years?  It will cost us 1 TRILLION dollars, but won't.

Let me see if I can follow that line of thinking.  In 9 years (as you will see later we will actually have a deficit reduction of $127 million by the 10th year), this plan will start towards saving money.  Which means, that the half-way point this plan must break even.

For the first 4.5 years, we will have to pay nearly 1 TRILLION dollars for this plan. After 4.5 years, this plan will begin to repay that amount.  By the 9th year, that 1 TRILLION dollars will have been paid off and from that point on the deficit will actually start to go down. 

Now, the only way that the deficit can go down is through one or a combination of two methods.  One, a reduction in the monies leaving the treasury.  Two, an increase in the monies coming in to the treasury by taxes and fines.  Or, three, a combination of the first two - reducing federal outlays while increasing taxation and fines.

Let's agree that they will be doing option #3 for the sake of the argument.  Do you really think that this nation's doctors and hospitals will be ok with the massive reduction in their health care reimbursements?  Do you think people will be ok with the increase in taxations in order to pay for the health care of illegals and those who just don't want health care?

Think about that.  If we split that 1 TRILLION dollars in to half, then $500 BILLION will come from cost reductions.  Either way you split the TRILLION, someone is going to lose.  Either a small portion of this nation's population's taxes are going to skyrocket to pay for this (and we know that they are going to go up by at least 3%-6%) or another small portion of this population will have their incomes reduced.  Some portion of the population will fall in to both those categories having their taxes raised while having their incomes cut.

"We all acknowledge this legislation is a tremendous step forward," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said at a news conference, flanked by several other Democrats. "Why? Because it saves lives, saves money and protects Medicare, makes Medicare stronger."

Step forward?  Towards the death of this nation, yeah.  And please explain how this plan saves lives?  Saves money??  That is debatable in the extreme.  And, there is no way that this plan protects Medicare.  And no, it will not make Medicare stronger, it will just make it larger and more bloated.

Currently, Medicare covers about 35 million people.  Instead of just expanding Medicare to cover the remaining 10 million people not covered by insurance (no, it is not 35-40 million people without insurance), they want to expand it to cover the entire nation in one fail swoop.

Yet, Medicare is having budget and reimbursement issues.  It has massive fraud and corruption problems.  But, let's expand it to cover the entire nation.  By force!

The Senate bill, which includes a government-run insurance plan that would allow states to opt out,...

States??  States?  Why not an option to let PEOPLE opt out?  Why have an OPT-OUT plan anyway?  Wouldn't it be more fair and just to have it as an OPT-IN plan?  Make it a voluntary program for the people.

Here's a really funny part...

...would extend health care coverage to more than 94 percent of the population, or 31 million additional Americans.

Ok, let's say that the current USSA population is 300 million.  I know it is a bit larger, but for this math problem, let's round down to 300 million.  The current estimate of the populace that does not have insurance is at most 40 million people (this includes illegals).  The uninsured 40 million is 13.3% of our 300 million population.  The 30 million mentioned above is 10% of the population.  This bill proposes to cover an additional 10% of the population, while the remaining 10 million people not covered (or 3% of the population) will get covered after 10 years. 

However, if this bill covers 30 million of the 40 million uninsured, then the total covered would be 290 million.  (300 minus 40 = 260.  260 plus the 30 that will be covered = 290).

Except, this bill will EXTEND coverage to a stated 282 million people (94% of 300 million).  What happened to the "missing" 8 million people?  Do they join the 10 million already not being covered by this bill?  Funny math always gets me riled up. 

So, now we have 18 million people out of the original 40 million that won't be insured by this bill.  So much for "universal". 

More math.  If you divide $850 billion by 282 million people then that will equal $3,014 per person in health care coverage.  But, that is over 10 years.  For each year, you will get $300year in health care coverage

Does your current health care cost more than $300 per year?  Tough cookies with this new plan.  While you may not have a lifetime maximum any longer, you will never have to worry about reaching your old lifetime maximum with a yearly benefit of only $300 per year.

Yes, I know this is an average.  But, if you factor in REAL health care costs per person, then this plan will SKYROCKET up the GDP.  You think the 12 Trillion deficit is large?  That number will seem trivial compared to the true cost of this plan after 10 years.

But, if you are someone , who by fortunes of birth, makes $1,000,000 per year in income, then you my friend are one of the lucky ones who gets to pay for this plan.  Thank you!!  You will be blessed with being taxed at rate of 5.4% to help pay for those 30 million unincomed masses.  That means, you will be forced to pay an additional $54,000 per year in taxes for just $300 in health care coverage

Sounds like a bargain doesn't it.  (Wait till the real costs come about in 10 years.  5.4% will be a pittance compared to the real taxation levels).

It also would cut the federal deficit by $127 billion over the first 10 years and as much as $650 billion over the next 10 years, according to the analysis by the nonpartisan CBO.

Told ya. 

So, now after 20 years, we will cut from the deficit a total of $650 billion.  Therefore, over the last 11 years, this plan will increase monies in to the treasury by $523 billion, or $47 billion per year over the 11 years. 

Seriously?  We can't afford to cut $47 billion from the Federal Budget, let alone the Medicare budget, to cover the 30 million uninsured??  (remember, a large portion of that number are illegals).

What are we getting ourselves in to?

Currently, Medicare covers 45 million people and ...

In 2009, Medicare is expected to cost the federal government about $480 billion. That represents over a fifth of total national health spending on personal health care, 13 percent of the federal budget and close to 3.5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

Get that?  The current cost of Medicare alone is HALF the estimated cost of the new, massive, expansive, comprehensive, ObamaCare bill that will cover 282 million people with Medicare.

Currently, Medicare costs $500 billion (see section 16) to cover only 45 million people.  (Number sound familiar?  We supposedly have about 40 million uninsured).  Medicare thus spends on the average of $11,111 per person per year.  And people are screaming that the current Medicare program is underfunded, underpays doctors and hosptitals, and fails to reimburse patients properly.

But yet, we want to EXTEND Medicare to 282 million people for an average $300/year/person?

Feeling like this is a great idea yet?

But then, nothing like secrecy in the most open, transparent and honest administration.  Evah!!

The Democratic leader has spent weeks melding bills from the Senate
health committee and the Finance panel.  Democrats plan to meet behind
closed doors to discuss the bill in late afternoon Wednesday

One Man.  On a mission.  A hidden secret.  One that will destroy this nation in less than 10 years.

Republicans have complained in recent weeks that Reid's bill was being drafted with the White House behind closed doors, kept secret from them and even most Democrats.

Hmm.  Where have we heard that before?

But at least the Senators of the State's House of the USSA will have time to review this miniature of bills.

Reid plans to hold a procedural vote as early as Thursday to begin debate on Saturday, with a goal of passage by the end of the year.  

Therefore, in one year, this administraion will have nationalized parts of the auto industry, the financial industry and now the health care industry.  And people wonder why conservatives are calling this administration the most socialistic administrations ever.  Even compared to USSR, China or Cuba.

...the measure would require most Americans to carry health insurance and would mandate large companies to provide coverage to their workers, as well as ban insurance company practices such as denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions.

ObamaCare would also eliminate the lifetime caps as well as remove anti-trust from insurance companies.  Thus, private insurance companies would be run out of business due to the inability to pay for coverage of the really sick who are sick for a very long time.  They will also be unable to fight against the government's growing monopoly.  Because at that point it will not be illegal for an insurance company to be a monopoly. 

And, with a growing monopoly, a growing dependent population, a growing subservant population to government handhouts, there will be no way to fight against the government option.

It is time to fight against this people.  It is time to direct your anger and hurt towards your democrat senators.  Tell them during this time of financial crisis that they help create, that raising taxes and decreasing Medicare reimbursements, is not the way to go.

This plan will decrease Medicare coverage for everyone.
This plan will increase taxes, for some an additonal $54,000 each year.
This plan will severly reduce Medicare reimbursements.
This plan will eliminate options.
This plan will eliminate free choice.
This plan will create a citizenship-requirement.
This plan will jail citizens for being healthy.
This plan will nationalize the health industry completely.
This plan will limit covered care (just like Canada).

Just say NO to Socialism.  Just say NO to this administration's continued power-grab.  Just say NO to the continued expansion of the federal government over individual freedoms and liberties.

Just say NO!

[Update:] In 1983, our TOTAL budget was $808 billion.  By 2000, it was $1.8 Trillion.  In 2008, it was $3 Trillion.  2009's total budget was $3.5 Trillion.  And... hahah.. according.. hahahaha.. to this ...chuckle.. .. administration, the 2010 budget (see table S-1) hahahahaa... will only be

$3.6 Trillion. 


Course, this might help explain why our annual deficts soared from $454 billion in 2008 to an expected $1.3 TRILLION for FY2010.  Granted, these last few "bailouts" and "rescue" plans are never part of the official budget.  But, they get to be paid off .... eventually. 

Might also explain why our TOTAL deficit has now surpassed $12 TRILLION dollars.

[Update 2:]

Holy freak!!!!  This Senate bill is nearly 2,100 pages long!!!!  Make sure you read all that by tomorrow and fully understand it by Saturday so that you can vote on it.  OK?  Good.  The fate of the nation rests on it.  No problem.

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