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Seriously? Are We Supposed To Be Impressed?

.. or just laugh out loud at their narcissism.

In the wake of the Fort Hood shooting tragedy, Hollywood actress Camryn Manheim believes its time this country did something about further restricting who can obtain a deadly weapon.

There should be vast limitations on gun policy and tons of restrictions on guns,” Manheim told Tarts at the Creative Arts Fair to support P.S. ARTS & restoration of arts education in public schools in Santa Monica on Sunday.

She has spoken.  The woman's intelligence, smartiness and glamour has put us in our place.  We must act now.  The Arts & Science colleges must be at the forefront of the war on guns.  We must put "tons" of restrictions on guns so that army people can't get them!!

This person who once played a lawyer (so she knows) on tv goes on to expound on what the President should be doing instead of doing what he is doing.

But back to Manheim and policies, it seems she's getting a bit frustrated with our President and his actions – or lack thereof.

“I would like to see him be a little bit stronger on his decision with health care. I think we need a public option, it needs to be a strong public option and we need to have incentives for the health insurance companies to do better. I would like to have seen him act more swiftly while he had all the public's positive opinion on his side, it's just been drawn out and he's just trying to please everybody,” Manheim said.

Yes, because he cares so much for the little guy.  He really cares that the Republicans, Conservatives, and Capitalists are all in the mix.  Harry Reid, on a daily basis, eagerly invites people in to his behind-closed-door meetings.  Obama is the man of the people.  He cares and loves everyone.  He wouldn't put people in harms way like... in Afghanistan, or anything.

But, this brilliant political strategist of numerous chairs of law schools has said that the president should implement a "strong" public option.  Thus, she is ok with being taxed out her large wahoo to pay for someone else's health care.

You know, people like this make me royally sick!!  If they really want to pay extra to help the poor..... THEN DO SO!!!   That is what charitable giving is all about.  Just don't MAKE me do it too.

But, she has to continue...

"It's an impossible job for anybody, really. It's so corrupt and so messed up, and how does anyone step in after 8 years of George Bush and fix it up and make everybody happy? It's a long process and it's not going to be easy but I'll tell you this, I'd rather him be a one term president and put into action the ideals that he put forward in his campaign then a two-term President and make a lot of exceptions or compromises.”

Yes.  Once again it is all FORMER Pres Bush's fault.  He screwed up the health care insurance industry.  He corrupted it.  He caused the doctors and hospitals to screw people over.  I am surprised she didn't blame Bush for copyright infringement as well.

But, here is where her argument falls apart (as if she had one).  She wants Pres Obama to do just what he promised no matter what.  To not make compromises.  But didn't she earlier say that he IS trying to compromise and please everyone?

According to this side of the aisle he and his ilk are only trying to please the 10 million illegal felons in this nation so that they can buy their votes after they give them amnesty and citizenship.  It's all about money and power.

And here is where I lost my lunch.

And unlike most Hollywooders who feel at their best while flashing at least a little flesh, this 48-year-old likes to keep it covered.

“I feel sexiest when I'm fully clothed, when I put in an effort and I feel my best,” she added.

You know, I couldn't agree more.  Put some clothes on.  And shut that mouth.  No one wants to hear rich stars pontificating about what presidents should do with the average person's tax dollars!  Would you be willing madam to pay an extra $2,000 or $4,000 per year if you only made $20,000 per year in income?  Would you be so willing to demand that more of your tax dollars be ripped away from you by some rich elitist know-nothing of an actor?

These people make me sick.



#1 Yiddish Steel 19-Nov-2009

Camryn Manheim?  Who?  You mean that has-been, fat twit from that one TV Show, from like... 15 - 20 years ago?  This twat waffle still has a job in Hollywood?  And her C-List opinion should pursuade me any more than say, Angelina Jolie's A-List opinion??  Go eat a f@#$!n' cabbage salad, you irrelivant Cow.

#2 Kevin 19-Nov-2009

She's smart, sure, but I'm not sure I agree with her on gun policy.  I'd be willing to put up to 1,024 lbs of restrictions on guns, but no farther.  MAYBE 1,025 lbs, but tons?  No way.

#3 soccer dad 19-Nov-2009

What's interesting is that she starred on the Practice, which was produced by David Kelly. Kelly is a whacked out Hollywood lefty, except on one issue: guns.

In fact Manheim's character used a gun to dispatch a boyfriend who had a propensity for beheading women.

#4 captainfish 20-Nov-2009

Hey Soccer Dad.  Glad to see ya.

Yeah, I remember that episode.

Currently, CM is on the GHost Whisperer show.  She plays a very low rate bit part.  And, she wears the same type of dresses in that show that she is pictured above. 

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