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Intro to Google Chrome OS

The most exciting operating system I've seen in years (and keep in mind that this comes from a de-facto OS junkie. Anyone else out there remember OS/2 Warp?)

Plenty of background info (including source code and build instructions) here.



#1 SumDum Phool 19-Nov-2009

I thought Chrome OS was essentially just another pretty face on top of some Linux variant???


And what does "boot up in seconds" mean, when they said regarding "other" O/S that it could take "45 seconds to boot"???


#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 19-Nov-2009

In the live demo they were doing today, the netbook they were using went from powered off (cold) to up and running on the Web in 9 seconds.

That's pretty much the fastest startup time I've ever seen on a usable device...


#3 SumDum Phool 19-Nov-2009

And yeah, I remember OS/2 Warp...and Windows 286...and DOS...and CP/M....and PDP-10's...

dammit, I'm getting old.


#4 Anonymous 19-Nov-2009

i would read some of the comments about this web browser    ..(.hope that link works.)

 I will check it out on a junk computer, however I will not put it on my main computer.

it that link doesn't work... just go to utube /chrome os

#5 captainfish 20-Nov-2009

That is because this OS is basically a web browser.  It is only allowed to be installed on flash memory.  It also installs on a read-only partition from what I heard.

Either way, the flash memory allows it to boot up fast.  And, being a netbook.. there isn't much hardware to load.

My full desktop computer that is designed to play the latest games.... boots up in 45 seconds due to my SSD.  My last computer with a Raid 5 setup booted up in 10 minutes.

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