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Obama: "Save or Create Jobs With Stimulus" Fine, But Where?

You will never guess where the latest jobs Obama attempted to "save-or-create" were at.  No, they were not in some fictitious congressional district.  No, they didn't involve a shoe salesman or some processed cheese.

You are going to have to click through to find out the answer....

I love the title of the piece.  "Gone With The Wind: Blowing US Tax Dollars.....

... Off Shore"

Yep.  Once again, our own hard earned tax dollars are being sent over-seas to help create jobs elsewhere.  To improve the "green" elsewhere.

It turns out a Texas windmill farm developer’s request last month for nearly half a billion in stimulus funds to create 2,000 jobs in China doesn’t rank first on the audacity scale.

Shockingly for American taxpayers, and sadly for the staggering 10.2 percent of Americans who are unemployed, it doesn’t even rank second.

So, what's this story going to reveal to us?  How bad is this going to be?  I am afraid to find out.

That’s because Washington already has doled out hundreds of millions in stimulus funds to foreign renewable energy firms. Of the $1.05 billion in clean energy grants awarded by D.C., $849 million -- 84 percent -- went to foreign wind companies, according to an analysis by Russ Choma of the Investigative Reporting Workshop. He wrote:

“The cash grants were given for the installation of 1,763 megawatts of capacity – 1,566 installed by foreign companies. Using the Renewable Energy Policy Project’s own numbers, as many as 4,500 manufacturing jobs may have been created overseas.

That is bad.  Very bad.  But then, knowing how this administration likes to over-inflate jobs created, this $850 million could have only created 2 jobs.  But, that is alot of money to throw out to another country for...what?  Building another country's windmills?  What business is that of ours?

Instead of GIVING them money to subsidize an alternate energy source that is highly unreliable, why not suggest that they buy our oil with that money?  Why not we buy THEIR oil with that money and help resupply our gas tanks?

One Spanish company, Iberdrola S.A., got $545 million from U.S. taxpayers.

Lavishing stimulus funds on foreign businesses is tragic for another reason:  Those overseas companies are competitors to fledgling U.S. firms that were supposed to get the money. President Obama has said he wants the U.S. to be “the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy.” That’s not going to happen if the U.S. pays European and Chinese manufacturers to import wind turbines.

It's almost like the people in power have no clue... or something.

Could that be it?  Surely it isn't about undermining this nation's economy.  Is it?



#1 forest 20-Nov-2009

Man, what a waste - and it's not just the overseas handouts either.  The whole idea of counting jobs on a project by project basis is ridiculous.  The stimulus was supposed to keep unemploymnt no higher than 8% by "pumping" a massive amount of money "into the economy".  It is a macroeconomic program designed to have a systemic effect on the economy as a whole, so the only numbers that count are the net total jobs.  Right now we're at minus 3 million, so the stimulus has failed spectacularly, and I don't want to hear them touting this or that program.

It's like a guy who's going bald rubbing a magic elixur on his head every day and insisting it saves or creates hair even though he keeps getting more bald.  The remaining hairs on the sides of his head have been "saved", and the new hairs on his ears, nose and back have been "created" - big success!

#2 captainfish 20-Nov-2009

eeeewwwww... what a visage.

But, you are right Forest.  And yet, Obama still considers what he has done a full and huge success.  He has even begun boasting that he has turned the world's favorability rating of us to 75% due to his actions alone.

This man is utter insane.

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