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Shocking Truth Behind Israeli Atrrocities

Elder over at EOZ has the scoopage.  Israel has been proven once again to inflict unecessary evil and carnage on to the Palestinian Arab peoples.

It wasn't bad enough that Israel built their suicide-bombing-Apartheid wall, or that they put up homicide-bombing-blockades around the city, or that they forcibly removed the residents of Gaza back to Israel proper.  But now, now they have gone and done the terrible thing.

Elder proves once and again that Israel starves the Arab children of the Palestinian areas.

Palestinian Arab kids have the second lowest rate of stunting in the Arab world, tied with Qatar behind Tunisia.


How dare them Israelis.  Suffer the little children to be the 2nd healthiest in the Arab world.

Looking at other Arab countries:

Algeria - 15
Morocco - 36
Qatar - 10
Bahrain - 12
Libya - 17

Lebanon - 11
Jordan - 12
Oman - 13
UAE - 17
Saudi Arabia - 20
Kuwait - 24
Iraq - 26
Syria - 28
Egypt - 29
Yemen – 58

Tunisia - 6

Israel is just evil incarnate.  Those Palestinian Arabs need food fast.  They must be made to be the MOST healthy in the nation above all other arab nations, even those that enjoy western style living and MASSIVE economic activity.

I shudder at the thought of another day going by that another child of Palestinian origin having this kind of access to food, water and medicine causing it to be the 2nd healthiest in the Arab world.

Thanks Elder for bringing this atrocity to light.


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