The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

What Evil Could Republicans Do If They Were Ever In Power?

According to the left, the most atrocious thing that could ever happen, besides the warming of the planet and the sight of polar bears resting on ice caps, would be if the Republicans gained power in the People's Congress of the USSA.

How bad could things get?

There are 15 "examples" but these are my favorites:

1) Greatly reduce or entirely eliminate taxes on the rich, thereby forcing hard-pressed working families to painfully make up resulting revenue shortfalls.

3) Stubbornly deny the existence of ominous climate change while blithely pumping more pollutants into the environment from lucrative, dirty industries and practices.

5) Continue to criticize and insufficiently fund public education, advocating private schooling instead...

7) Continue to recite a Pledge of Allegiance whose last six words are "with liberty and justice for all," ...

Enough of a reason to keep the evil REPUBLICANS out of office from now on?  Read on for the funny rest.


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