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From the esteemed Anthony Bedell, Chairman of the Fairfax Republican Party:

Late tonight Steve Hunt won the Republican nomination in the 37th Senatorial District over Marianne Horinko and Will Nance.  Each candidate ran a great race and should be proud of their individual efforts despite the results.

Now it is time to unite behind Steve and keep this seat Republican! The special election is set for Tuesday, January 12th. More details to follow on how you can help Steve win this important special election.

Four big "thank yous" to give out tonight:

#  1 The turnout was incredible (1903 total voters). To everyone who voted... your commitment and dedication to your candidate and to the Republican Party is inspiring. Thank you.

#  2 Thank you to Doug Boulter and his election team for running a smooth operation tonight. Charles Proctor, Bill Norton, Dottie O'Rourke, Rebecca Corner, Bill Norton, Keith Damon, Doris Bonnie Boyd, Virginia Olander, Ann Baise, Mychele Brickner, Gerrie Smith, Mary Beth Nethercutt, Arlene Storm, Kari Reed, Patrick Branch, Susan Valentine, Diane Moccio, Debbie Balancia, Chris Craig, Anna Lee, Mary Campbell, Amanda Nicoll and Peyton Hall.....  all of you deserve a pat on the back!

# 3 Thank you to the Fairfax County Board of Elections and the staff who helped us with the machines and setting up the polling place. We sincerely appreciate it.

# 4 Last and but not least... thank you to Mike Thompson Jr for being an excellent Chairman of the 37th Legislative District. Well done.

Anthony Bedell

Too Conservative has the detailed look at the turnout (I was there with the Hunt campaign from about 5:30 until about 6:45, and can confirm that things were as crowded as they usually are during a general election), and Greg from BVBL has some more observations worth reading.

With this primary election behind us, we can now look forward to an interesting Senate race in the 37th District this January. It'll be interesting to see what kind of campaign Democrat Dave Mardsen--whom, incidentally, I am hearing is a carpetbagger in this race--decides to run. Will he run a positive message outlining his specific plans for Virginia?

Or will he, as I suspect, immediately begin slinging mud at Steve Hunt?

You know what they always say: Many a men has tried their hand at slinging mud at Steve Hunt, but only two of them ever returned alive!

(Or something like that. ;) )

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Update: Bwana has more, and it looks like Lowell Feld is hinting that Democrats are actually considering doing the mudslinging that I suspected they would (though I will say it is encouraging to see their party so depressed despite the fact that they currently controll 100% of the Federal Government).


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