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Warming Trends

Jessica's Well on the ClimateGate scandal: I can feel the hot sizzle of the heretics now, fellow Scientists!

Nevermind that yours truly is someone that Charles "Mad Dog" Johnson and his ilk would gladly throw on the aforementioned sizzling fire -- What I want to know is why our little blog here isn't cool enough to be featured in that spiffy looking sidebar that Jessica has over there?

But aside from all that, Walsingham brings up an excellent point, which you should definitely click over and read fully: If we were talking about a story involving attempts by ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, or any of the other "evil" energy producers to obfuscate and hide inconvenient data, it would literally be front page news. In letters so big, there'd probably only be room for three words or so.

The New York Times, I suspect, would collectively pass out in the streets in fits of rage. Chris Matthews would most likely lose his voice within the first half hour of screaming about it.

In short, the weeping and gnashing of teeth would be legendary.

How strange it is, given that the media's pet cause is caught behaving rather badly, that they can't seem to find the strength to even remotely report on the depth of the climate scandal issue.

Wonder why that is?



#1 Ron 04-Dec-2009

OUCH!  You should see what it's like being a "heretic" in some of these organizations!

#2 Skul 05-Dec-2009

Charles The-Has-Been, is no longer relavent.

He still has the two boot-lickers whom I suspect of sock-puppeting many of the comments on that "blog".


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