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Gaza Photos Reuters Missed

Based on the coverage the world's news agencies give of the poor, oppressed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, your average reader would most likely be left with the impression that the entire Gaza area is nothing but a barren, shell-shocked wasteland of decay and poverty.

Imagine my surprise to discover that, according to the photojournalists employed by Palestine Today, this impression is absolutely incorrect.

Once again, we get to see what the impact of a politicized editorial desk is on the type of news we are given every single day.

Update: Should've known it, but The Elder has beaten me to this story once again. As if I needed to know another reason why he's so doggone awesome...



#1 upyernoz 29-Nov-2009

well, photos showing some prosperous areas hardly disproves that most of the territory isn't a lot worse off. rather than looking at photographic anecdotes maybe you should look at malnutrition statistics, data on medicine shortages and the like.

the bottom line is that gaza does not have enough food. that's according to the IDF itself. it controls how many goods are allowed to legally into gaza. the IDF have <a href="">both stated</a> that it would take 106 truckloads of supplies a day to provide all of the necessities for life and that, at times, the IDF has restricted the number of trucks permitted to enter to as low as 37. the only reason gazans are as well off as they are today is because of the smuggling tunnels, tunnels which israel (and this site) pretends only carry weapons.

i find it very odd when conservatives work so hard to deny the fact that the living situatin in gaza is pretty awful. i mean, i have some contacts who have both been there and lived there. i've yet to find anyone who has had any first hand contact with the place doesn't acknowledge it's a humanitarian catastrophe. but i guess some people would rather ignore the stats, ignore what the israeli military even says publicly, and ignore the stories of people who have actually been there, and instead cherry pick a bunch of photos to support their political prejudices.

#2 Myackie 30-Nov-2009

upyernoz is right....the arabs are just the world's biggest vicitms....waaaaaah.

now let's ask them...would you rather have food or guns?  hmmmm....which would they choose?

#3 upyernoz 30-Nov-2009

wow, what a ridiculous response!


it stazts by displaying that myackie has no idea what i am actually saying and ends with outright ethnic-based bigotry.



#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 30-Nov-2009

Heh!  I'm totally staying outta that chain up there.

Noz, for starters, the old adage about liars, damned liars, and statistics holds a lot of weight over my way. But, leaving all of that aside, allow me to ask you a direct question:

What purpose is being served by selectively editing out all of the "prosperous" areas of Gaza from the wire news feeds? To whom does this benefit?

Either our news media is an impartial observer of current events, or it is pushing an agenda via selective presentations (and other lowbrow trickery). It cannot be both.

So, given that it can only be one or the other, which kind of media do you prefer to have?


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