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Steve Hunt's Pledge to You

As many of you know, the race to fill Ken Cuccinelli's soon-to-be-vacated Virginia Senate seat is coming to a close in tomorrow's primary election. For those of you who live in the area, here's yet another reason why Steve Hunt deserves your support:

Dear Friend,

As you know, the Republican primary to determine a nominee to replace Senator Ken Cuccinelli will be held tomorrow night from at Centreville High School from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. I would be grateful to have your support and your vote.

I have worked with many of you in the past on political, community, and charitable causes. Some of you supported me with your time and hard earned dollars in my runs for the School Board. I have knocked doors, distributed yard signs, and worked the polls on Election Day with many of you in the past. Some of you are volunteering for my campaign right now--I cannot express to you enough my appreciation for that.

Many of you know my principles and where I stand on the issues, but I want to pledge several things to you:

1. If nominated, I will work as hard as I as you have seen me work in the past when I ran county-wide--when I earned the reputation of being everywhere. I will do everything I can to keep this Senate seat in Republican hands.

2. If elected to the State Senate, I will work as hard as I did on the school board--where even a Democrat school board member referred to me as the hardest working member of the board--to represent you, your family, our community, and our Constitution. When voting, I will consider the merits of every piece of legislation that comes before the Senate deliberately, but I can promise you, I will never forget my core values and our nation's founding principles.

Steve continues with details, which I will be glad to share beyond the fold.

--The United States is the greatest, freest country the world has ever known because of our people, not the government. If Americans remain free to raise their families, invent new products, start new businesses, pursue their dreams, and enjoy maximum individual liberty, the United States will remain the greatest nation the world has ever known.

--The government should do less, and do it well. The government should tend to its constitutionally mandated responsibilities, both in Richmond and Washington, DC. Government should focus on doing what it is constitutionally tasked with better, not expanding its reach while doing everything poorly. In Virginia, this means focusing government on security provided by the justice system and first responders (fireman and police), improving transportation, ensuring children receives a quality education, and making sure regulation doesn't strangle our economy and the productive genius of our people.

--Taxes should be as low and broad-based as possible. Virginia's revenues have gone up dramatically over the past decade, but economies are cyclical. By increasing spending as much as the bubble economies allow, we have created an unsustainable budget. The role of an elected representative is to make tough decisions and constrain the growth of government, not to spend every dollar that is collected and then look for more potential sources of revenue.

--Protecting our traditional values. If we want our state and nation to remain strong, we must respect life in all circumstances, protect traditional marriage, ensure every law abiding American has the right to own a firearm, and make sure our right to own property is not infringed.

--Asking ourselves before any legislation is passed: Is this legislation constitutional? Not just is this legislation helpful to someone--there is no end to the good things that government can try to do with your money.

These principles will guide my decisions if I have the privilege to serve as your next State Senator. Please remember to vote tomorrow. I hope I can count on your support.


Steve Hunt

P.S. If you have time today or tomorrow, and would be willing to call a few of our supporters reminding them to vote tomorrow, please reply and we will send you a list and a script.

P.P.S. If you need a ride to the polls or know someone who does, please email [email protected].

Steve Hunt clearly provides the kind of leadership Virginia sorely needs in these trying times.


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