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Our Iranian Partners in Peace

Once again, we see the impressive rewards that the Obama Administration's smart diplomacy are bringing us: Iran has announced over the weekend that it will no longer be voluntarily cooperating with the United Nations nuclear monitoring agency:

TEHRAN - Iran officially announced that it will cease its voluntary cooperation with the IAEA after the agency's Board of Governors adopted a resolution against Iran on Friday under pressure by Western countries.

Iran said the drafters of the anti-Iran resolution made a historic mistake and advised the West to discard its policy of confrontation with Tehran.

The season of good tidings is truly upon us, my soon-to-be-nuked friends. I'm sure you're as ecstatic with fluorescent joy as I am.

In all seriousness, it's not like Iran's "cooperation" with the IAEA has been entirely on the up-and-up. After all, this is the same IAEA that ignored Iran's stockpiling of nuclear production capabilities until, well, Iran came out and admitted it openly.

But hey, "international" diplomacy hasn't given us world peace over the past 80 years -- So why don't we just give it another toothless try?

(h/t Carl in Jerusalem)



#1 upyernoz 30-Nov-2009

"But hey, "international" diplomacy hasn't given us world peace over thepast 80 years -- So why don't we just give it another toothless try?"


so you're saying that because diplomacy hasn't always worked, we should never try it? on the contrary, diplomacy has a lot better record of success than either sanctions or military action. and america's iran policy of isolation has a pathetic record of failure over the past 30 years, using producing exactly the opposite effect that we wanted.


of course iran is not the easiest country to deal with.but dealing with them is better than not dealing with them. international relations are often a choice between bad and worse options. arguying that iran is untrustworthy and that negotiating with them is bad doesn't mean it's still not better than the alternatives.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 30-Nov-2009

Actually, I'm not saying that at all -- but you're welcome to read whatever the heck into it you'd like. :)

I'm betting that you might've missed the word "Toothless" in there?

I would never suggest that diplomacy in and of itself is a bad thing... but diplomacy without that proverbial "big stick" -- i.e., the imminent threat of decisive action when the mechanisms of diplomacy fail -- has *never* stopped a war. Shades of Neville Chamberlain come to mind. Or the continued inability for the United Nations to stop pretty much every conflict Africa has faced over the past 20 years.

Just because both sides are "talking," we cannot presume that both sides are acting in "good faith." Which, of course, is why Roosevelt suggested that we keep that "Big Stick" in the mix to begin with.

Does that help explain the statement more to your satisfaction?

A pleasure as always,


#3 captainfish 30-Nov-2009

You mean like this Brian?

The Obama administration on Monday said Iran's plan to build 10 morenuclear enrichment  facilities and expand to a half-million centrifugeswas "unacceptable" -- but once again, in the face of yet anotherdeadline, it offered no specific response beyond wait-and-see.

On at least four occasions this year, President Obama has setdeadlines for Iran to comply with international demands that itdemonstrate transparency and cooperation on nuclear developments.  

But the Islamic Republic has blatantly ignored all deadlines set byObama and the United Nations to freeze its uranium enrichment program,prompting critics to say that another "deadline" will have little, ifany, impact.

Iran does something bad.  UN and the Western alliance says its bad.  Tells Iran to stop. Iran flips them the bird.  The world yawns.  Iran continues to do something bad.

Didn't Germany's actions prior to WW2 teach us anything?  We saw their actions against the jews and "migrants".  We did nothing.  We saw Sadam growing in power and aggressiveness.  We did nothing. 

Sometimes using the big stick is also not a good thing.  Neither is the death penalty for our penal system.  But, it is a necessary evil to give people that final "big stick" to give teeth to the legal system. 

No one likes the killing.  No one likes war.  But, allowing tyrants and dictators to remain and grow in power, especially now that we are in the nuclear age) is an act even more evil.

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