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A Frenchman Speaks on Switzerland

He doesn't really say a lot these days, but when he does, the Dissident Frogman really packs a mean wollop: A lengthy and most amusing article on the Swiss vote banning Minarets, which is too long and insightful for me to even begin to consider excerpting (So Read It All(tm)!)

As an aside, compare that brilliance to the rantings of my former associate-in-arms, who's apparently fallen off the boat into the Sea of Hypersensitivity and Angst Against Anything Appearing Anglo-Saxon.

Back on topic, for what it's worth, half of my family hails from Switzerland, and never has a country lived on this Earth that has taken the concept of "self-government" so seriously. For the supposed government of the Swiss nation to decry the outcome of a popular election only when it goes against the desires of the elite (a paradoxical notion in an "eglatarian" society, no?) is an insult against the very institutions that define that country.

Which is fitting, given the way the modern Left behaves.


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