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Our Iranian Partners in Peace, Part Deux

In a not-so-stunning repeat of 2007, it would seem that Iran has taken another set of British sailors hostage:

The Foreign Office confirmed that a racing yacht owned by Sail Bahrain and crewed by five British sailors was detained by the Iranian Navy on November 25.

The yacht had been on its way to Dubai and, according to the Foreign Office, may have 'inadvertently', strayed into Iranian waters.

If confirmed, the detention of the British sailors will dramatically increase tensions between Iran and the West....

Notice the part about straying into Iranian waters? That was the same excuse Iran used last time, which was later determined to be wholly inaccurate.

(To my peacenik-leaning friends: This is something we like to call "A Lie.")

But hey, I'm sure a pile of Smart Diplomacy will get Britain right out of that there mess.

Thanks to the esteemed Robert Spencer, whom is as skeptical of Iranian's "peaceful" intentions as I am, for the link.



#1 captainfish 01-Dec-2009

Skeptical of Iran's peaceful intentions???

You even had the gall to write those words.  Wow.  Brian, everyone knows that Iran is the center of all peace and harmony in the world.  Their nuclear unicorn generators, while being attacked by hard-line right racist bigots in the West, only pump out magic peaceful emanations to make all the world peaceful and loving neighbors.

Once Pres Unicorn was elected all threats and dangers in this world ceased to exist.  To claim, or make illusions, to the otherwise would be a dangerous precedent to set.  People may have to be called.  People may have to be interrogated by green amphibians.

You will soon learn your place.

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