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I linked Ace's article in the Fast Lane earlier this evening, but I think it bears a broader look.

In your traditional Cult-of-Personality dictatorship, say for example one such as Josef Stalin's reign, every action and activity is traditionally set in terms of the Leader to whom the Cult -slash- Approved Political Movement is devoted.

With that background in mind, tell me who you think the star of this commercial for a children's charity is:

Honestly, I've had more than enough of this man's hunger for rock star status. It'd be just fine with me if he were to stay off the television set for six months or so, and work on dealing with the actual work that his position requires.

Like "Smart" smart diplomacy. Involving nukes. And the moon.



#1 captainfish 01-Dec-2009

And some are saying that this is also happening in order to have the president side with the football player's union against the rich and evil team owners.

I think there will be another lockout.

Player's unions already shut down the Arena Football league for a whole year.


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