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Obama's Nobel Speech?

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I cranked it through the ever-useful Wordle, and came up with the graph you see above. (Unfortunately, it crashed before I could save it to the gallery, so I can't link it as nicely as I usually do.)

If I were a left-leaning analyst like Michael Shaw, I might notice the irony that "War" is the most prominent word in the entire "Peace Prize" speech.

Fortunately for you, I'm not, so I'll just point out some curiosities that an evil warmonger Rethuglican Zionist blogger would notice:

* Is it "must peace world?" Or is it "must WARpeace world?"

* Notice how much bigger "world" is than "America." Coming from an American president, naturally.

* "Human nations?"

It is curiously odd that, as humble as Obama says he was about the award, I don't see words like humility, humble, graciousness, grace, or undeserved in there anywhere.

Gee, I wonder why?

(And yes, that's my mouse pointer you see in there. What can I say? I really miss my Mac.)

Update: For full disclosure and in order to make sure that any prominent Scientific Bloggers out there don't throw their backs out in a tizzy, here's Teddy Roosevelt's Nobel address, given the same treatment:

So there's much the same issue with Teddy's speech as there is in Obama's.

You know why that is, don't you?

They're both "Progressives," of course.

(Yeah, you should've seen that one coming! ;) )



#1 Kevin 11-Dec-2009

Where is the word 'I'?  It should be huge in that graph

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