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Dump Tabs

I'm never going to get caught up if I don't get these outta my browser:

* Yoni Tidi notices that Hamas has been given plenty of time to prepare for its next act of organized insurrection against Israel. "Offensive" tunnels doesn't sound like a really good idea, but imagine my surprise to discover that these are still being described as "tunnels of peace" by our nincompoopic press corps.

* At least Oslo has gotten one thing right: The dictator of Iran is the worst the world's seen in a while. And yet, our President seems to view the dictator's government as one that is legitimate. Odd, that...

* False pretenses equals an escape pass? Or are these "peace-loving" most-likely terrorists using this loophole to get across the Israeli border in order to organize and wreak havoc? Naaahhh...

* Jeff G. brings one more language lesson that's worth another read. Why doesn't someone give that man a Professorship already??

There, I feel better already.



#1 Kevin 11-Dec-2009

Grats on making the comment window appear on the RSS-linked page without having to click 'add a comment' or something like that.


I superscripted 'like' because I just noticed that I could.  Neat!



#2 Kevin 11-Dec-2009

Hey, 'like' didn't stay superscripted!

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