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Why Israel Does Not Matter

It would appear, that stupid actions have consequences and, as it turns out, intended reactions.

Recently, the Palestinian Authority went behind Israel's back, again, and requested that the United Nations unilaterally grant it Statehood status.

Israel and the UN said, umm, NO.

However, the PA may have gotten some help in the matter.

The World Bank has given $64 million to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to help it prepare for statehood.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad signed the agreement on Sunday. World Bank official Shamshad Akhtar says the goal is to boost Fayyad's plan to set up institutions for a state within two years, though talks with Israel are stalemated.

A World Bank delegation visiting the West Bank and Gaza Strip will also look for ways to ease entry of construction materials into Gaza.

So, the World Bank GAVE the PA $64 million dollars in order to subvert the Israeli government and to look for way to get around sercurity road blocks and Israel's security checks.

I take it they have not been to the PA yet.  The Palestinians are some of the most well-funded, well fed and most supported group of people in the world.

Once again, Israel's security mean nothing to the money-launderers of this world.


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