The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

_______ Will Be A Test For Obama

Seriously, the New York Times couldn't possibly behave any more like a 13-year-old girl with a crush.

Amongst other things the Drama Queens of New York consider to be a test for Obama?

Shortages in the vaccine stocks, the Afghan Valley, Malia's test scores, this year's State races, a guest worker program of ill repute, the entire nation of North Korea, domestic spying, a scandal not worthy of being mentioned in the headline, Pakistan, and presumably, ordering a hamburger and operating a telephone. (Feel free to find more tests for Obama at this handy-dandy Google link. I'm sure I missed one or two...)

What makes this even funnier is that the Times is not alone in noticing these unprecedented tests for America's Bravest President in History. Time Magazine, the evil Fox News Empire, the Los Angeles Times, and many others repeat the same meme.

In fact, compare the article count graph here to the one here, which covers 2004-2006 in the Evil Bush Years. Clearly, the press seems to be quite enamored with creating the image of a heroic, test-taking-and-passing Presidency.

But hey, they're all impartial, so I'm sure there's nothing to see here.

There might be, however, something to see there.


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