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Who Will Ask The Tough Questions?

Isn't Al Gore an American?  Well, ok.  Let me re-phrase that.  Wasn't Al Gore born in America?

Then why is Al Gore able to skip out on anyone asking him tough questions on his stance on the sham-scam called Global Warming?  Don't American journalists pride themselves for asking tough questions?

(But then, the MSM has fallen in to the sewers of late while the grocery store rags are doing the hard investigative journalism (Sen Edwards?) along with the blogosphere)

If he can straight up and lie in his movie, straight up and lie in talks and interviews, then why can't we find a decent person to stand up to Al Gore and his lies?

Heaven forbid he even reads the emails that were leaked, brought to light, in order to give a logical and forthright interview when asked about them.

But then, Al Gore is all about lies.  From the get go.

If anyone else gives this man money to speak, then you are just as corrupt and vile as Gore is.

And UN-American.




#1 Jonathan 10-Dec-2009

Al Gore is above questining.  The science is settled.  The debate is over.  Now is the time for action.  Don't listen to what I am doing, listen to what I am saying.

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