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Obama Passes Up Chance To Bow To Swedish King

Apparently, I'm getting all my news from Ace today. Which is fine, considering how funny he tends to be. (A good laugh in the morning almost beats having my third cup of coffee. Almost.)

Like I've discussed previously, this Administration has shown an amazing level of stupidity when it comes to actually understanding foreign cultures. An attitude which I'd expect to see coming from a member of the Model U.N. back in high school, perhaps -- but which is truly appalling to see in the Executive office.

With that background in mind, allow me to introduce you to Gaffe #32,701:

Meanwhile, the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet is reporting that the president has declined an invitation to lunch with King Harald V, an event every prize winner from the Dalai Lama to Al Gore has attended. (The newspaper’s headline: “Obama disses lunch with King Harald.”)

"Smart" diplomacy like this should certainly be inspiring to those who spent the past 8 years trashing our nation's "cowboy" policies.

Correction: Norwegian king. Sorry for the mix-up there, and thanks to bonzochimp for pointing my little faux pas out.



#1 bonzochimp 10-Dec-2009

Um...Norwegian King, Swedish newspaper.

#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 10-Dec-2009

Oof, I'm a moron. Thanks for pointing that out, BC!

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