The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

That Damned Pesky Global Warming

I think it is past time for us to act.  We are now reeping our roosting chickens.  Our world is falling apart around us.  Global catasrophes that shame any Hollywood blockbuster movie. 

President Obama even made a trip to foreign lands seeking aid and sucher from countries that could assist in his program to save his world.

If we can not stop what you will see, then our world has no more hope. We have lost any chance to save our way of life.  We only had a few short years in which to act.  And we have failed

We must help The One save that which he values most....


[Update:]  Seems that massive fireballs from space, hurricanes and drought have caused the 2009 Stag Bowl to be delayed till 3pm cst.  Hurry people!!  This earth, let alone the football championship series, can't wait for us to act.


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