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Title: Knicker-Bomber?

I had thought of doing up a post to officially call this guy the Knicker-Bomber.

But, it would seem I was beaten to the punch.  Some have called him the Panty Bomber, but that just doesn't have a good ring to it.  Besides, he's a guy who spent time in Brittain.

Let me ask you this.  Are you still going to subject yourself and your freedoms to the harassments of the TSA?  Even with these latest kindergarten-level regulations?

I would still rather drive for 3 days than be treated like that while sitting in a sardine can, and legally bound to not express my anger over it.

But, I still like the title Knicker-Bomber.



#1 William Teach 29-Dec-2009

You know the joke I haven't seen around much about this? That the bomber was inviting people to the party in his pants.

#2 rooster 30-Dec-2009

It's pretty bad when the post itself does not even hint as to what on earth youare talking about without having to click on 4 links to "get it".

#3 captainfish 30-Dec-2009

Rooster upset at having to work to learn something?  Upset that I couldn't completely lay out the entire history and story of my topic?  The topic of the month, no less.

#4 MVH 30-Dec-2009

I've seen: Undie-Bomber, Jockstrap-Jihadi, Boxer-Bomber,

#5 captainfish 05-Jan-2010

"Hey honey, is that a fire in your pants, or are you just excited to see me?"

Real life example of a ... Crotch-Rocket?

He was a long-time admirer of Woody from Toy Story and was really hoping to set the stage for the comedic line of the century, "My biscuits are burnin'!!"

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