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An Exploration of "Protests"

Protest. "Right-wing" protest.

Demonstrator. "Right-wing" activist.

Demonstrators. "Right-wing" demonstrators.

Despite the fact that the former category of photos more closely resembles a "riot" than the images of groups toting signs around in streets that the word "protest" is supposed to evoke, we are assured that we are witnessing groups of totally impartial Palestinians, peacefully stating their causes against the Evil Zionist Forces peacefully... by violently hurling large rocks at the Zionist invaders, but of course.

And yet, when pro-Israeli Israelis march in the streets in defense of what they see as their God-given right to build on their God-given land, we're told via caption that they are "right-wingers," "extremists," "settlers," or any number of other pejoratives meant to imply that we're witnessing a tiny fringe movement that shouldn't be taken seriously.

(ReallyTiny just doesn't seem to be the right word to me... but what do I know about tiny protests?)

One would almost suspect that the news agencies who report on these outpourings of public sentiment (all staged, of course) are somehow partial to one particular side in this conflict.

Gee, I wonder which one it could be?

Help me solve the eternal mystery. Drop a note down below.

(Here are some indices for your further review: Palestinians protest against Israel; Right wing protest; Left-wing Palestininan protest.)

Update: Thanks to The Smarter LGF for the link!



#1 Josephine 13-Dec-2009

LOL, Brian, thank you for the excellent report!  I'm glad to see your blog is still going strong.

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