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Here's What Obama's Speech Was Really About

Long-time reader Kevin (of Toast fame) took one look at our previous Obama Nobel Speech word picture and spotted something horribly wrong with it. And I'll be honest, it totally escaped my mind.

So I've gone through and taken Obama's Nobel Speech again, from this AP transcript, and manually edited to remove all of the common English words (for, the, and, then, when, etc.) with the sole exception of "I" and "me" -- and you know what?

There's one word that really seems to stand out from all the others. Can you spot it in the Wordle diagram above?

Who would've guessed it, but Barack Obama definitely seems to be in love... with Barack Obama.

(Download my "optimized" text file here if you don't believe me. And then share your amusement when you get back from being shocked with amazement.)



#1 African Moondog 15-Dec-2009

I did not see the words "Blame Bush" there. if he did not Blame Bush at some point then that is a first.

#2 Anonymous 15-Dec-2009

Run the same analysis on one of Palin's speeches.

#3 Kevin 15-Dec-2009

I'd be interested to see it run on a Palin speech too, but the difference is that Palin is speaking for herself, and Obama is (supposedly) speaking for all of America.


Still I doubt that Palin speaks as much about herself as Obama does.

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