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Iran Tests Mid-Range Missile


(Sorry, I had to do it... And Rusty started it, in case you were wondering.)

So it would appear that Iran has launched yet another mid-range ballistic missile, capable of launching a nuclear warhead at the State of Israel. Which, I'm sure, nobody is seriously planning on doing, because Islam Is The Religion Of Peace and all.

How important is this story to our unprecedentedly smart leaders? The U.S. State Department doesn't even mention it--though we should all watch out for that SCARY GLOBAL WARMING, which is the top story at the moment. The White House is equally as silent--"Retrofitting jobs" being the issue of utmost importance at present.

So, how about the Obama Administration's efforts to stop Iran from nuking Israel?

I'd have to give it a good, solid B+!

(And there's Monday's meme. I'm so timely...!)

More: Atlas Shrugs, Closing Velocity ("Leaves North Korea Behind?" Dear Leader's not gonna like that...)  Hot Air reminds us that the scrapped missile shield in Poland just might not have been such a bad idea right now. Weasel Zippers celebrates the CHANGE. Jihad "1938" Watch is awaiting our inevitable surrender.

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