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The Observer Effect

In viewing this photo, I am reminded of an ancient concept from a Physics class long ago called the "Observer Effect."

Basically, the idea is that there are things which cannot be measured without being altered. Which invalidates, to a certain extent, the measurement taken.

Or, looking at the broader Palestinian question, a strong case could actually be made that all of the media and Non-Government Organizations (the UN, UNESCO, Amnesty, Peace Now, etc.) who have staked out a permanent and very prominent presence in the Palestinian terror-tories are actually changing the attitudes of the populace. In a negative way, per my telling of events.

In this particular case above, whether Suhaib Salem intended it or not, his very presence could quite possibly have caused this boy to contort his face into some form of rage, either at the member of the press whom is presently standing in his way, or at the target audience on the other end of the camera, who he might hold ultimately responsibile for whatever conditions surround his life.

Or maybe, the boy is just illustrating his hatred of "the Jews." On that question, I'll just leave the discussion up to you.

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A Palestinian boy attends a rally organized by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Gaza City December 12, 2009, to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of its founding. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem (GAZA - Tags: POLITICS)

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