The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

A Labor of Yuck

Just heard Fox News this morning on the way in to work discussing how the governor of Wisconsin has signed a bill mandating the instruction of "labor union history" in that State's schools.

That sounds like a terrific idea! I can't wait to see a classroom discussion on how union members beat people up.for disagreeing with their God-given mandate. Or how they rig elections. Or even how they take the hard-earned union dues and fly on junkets to Las Vegas, where they hand $10,000 bottles of wine to famous singers for no reason other than they felt like it. (That last story was relayed personally to me by a member of a Detroit union who went on one of these trips. He went on to discuss how the Union "owed" him a seat on the county board of supervisors in the next election cycle, and how they'd "damn well better give it to me this time.")

Shoot, maybe the books will even talk about how hard-earned union dues build palatial golf courses that only the leadership can use?

Anyway, as a hardcore State's Rights sort of fellow, I won't belabor the point much more than that. Wisconsin is well within its rights to brainwash its children however it sees fit. Obviously, instruction like this is wrong for Virginia, and hopefully wouldn't ever stand a chance of being introduced here. Which, of course, means we can look forward to more Wisconsin businesses relocating inside the borders of the grand Old Dominion, which will hopefully remain a bastion of freedom and trade evermore.


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